Customise your Own Baubles!

December 4, 2019

I've always loved making creations are Christmas, whether it's illustrating my own cards, gift tags or garland making and I think the reason that I love creating these tings at Christmas is because of the feeling that it gives me that time is lowing down.  

For me, there is nothing more Christmassy than spending an evening, sat on the living room rug, by the Christmas tree, being crafty while eating Quality Street chocolates. 


Life is always busy, busy busy, so if like me, you yearn for time to slooow down, then read on for my step by step guide on how to decorate your own fillable baubles!


(Scroll to the end to watch this recorded in time-lapse!!)



- Fillable baubles

- Sakura PenTouch Pens in gold, silver and black in size 1.0 mm fine

- Sakura PenTouch Pens in gold, in size 2.0 mm fine




C H R I S T M A S   G R E E T I N G

Step 1: In your best handwriting, write your greeting and let it dry for a moment.

Step 2: Add the confetti all around the bauble using gold and black.





Step 1: With the gold pen in 2.0 size, illustrate half a holly leaf on all edges of the baubles.


 Step 2: With the 1.0 black pen, outline the holly leaves to give definition.


 Step 3: Personalise it with a name for gifting!




L O N D O N   S K Y L I N E

Step 1: Choose your most loved landmarks and use the 1.0 black pen to outline them and adding delicate gold details to bring them to life!


Step 2: Do the same on the other hand and be sure to leave space for the night stars.




H O  H O  H O!

Step 1: On one side, write Father Christmas's deep laughter sound!

(His laughter is always heard before he is seen!)

Step 2: Sketch him on the back saying famous greeting!


And there you have it, super easy and fun custom baubles that you can fill with marshmallows, Christmas tree needles, hidden gifts wrapped in tissue paper or anything else from your imagination!



Merry Christmas!!






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