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World Book Day - How to Illustrate a Galaxy

My second step by step guide for Winsor & Newton and WH Smith is how to create your own watercolour galaxy.

I recently bought the book, Written in the Stars by Alison Davies because I’ve always wanted to learn about the galaxy, constellations and all the mystical knowledge and stories from long ago.

This book sparked my inspiration to illustrate the galaxies and stars and below, I hope to help you create yours with a step by step guide.

My one and only top tip is to be free when you illustrate, especially when you’re creating a galaxy because that’s when the joy finds you!

What you will need:

Winsor & Newton Watercolour paper

Winsor & Newton watercolour set

A variety of small, medium and large Winsor & Newton watercolour brushes

Step 1:

Begin by applying water to the paper with a large round brush.

Tip! Tape the edges down so that the paper doesn’t bend.

Step 2:

Apply colour (I chose various shades of blue) to the water so that it spreads across the page.

Step 3:

With free easy movements, continue applying colour with a slightly smaller round brush to add depth. Be sure to create darker and lighter parts, so it’s best to apply the colour softly and gradually rather than heavily and quickly.

Step 4:

Allow the illustration to dry (70%) and then continue applying colour wherever your hand takes you. The reason why it’s good to let it dry a little, is so that you have a bit more control with how the coming layers will blend.

Step 5:

Dip a brush in the water and splash it randomly on the illustration to create cool water effects which look like galaxy clouds.

Step 6:

Let the piece completely dry and with a thin brush, add dots and stars of various sizes all around the illustration using white watercolour. Keep the brush mostly dry so that the white doesn’t get watered down too much.

Step 7:

Lastly, paint a zodiac constellation! Your choice can be based on your own birth, or that of someone special, or even special date for an anniversary etc.

And there you have it, your very own magical and mystical galaxy illustration!!

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