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World Book Day - Breakfast at Tiffany's

I was thrilled when Winsor & Newton asked me to illustrate a scene from my absolute favourite book (Breakfast at Tiffany's) for WH Smith.

Technically, this scene is from the movie, but this is what I see in my mind when I pick up Breakfast at Tiffany’s to read … the moment when Holly bites into a croissant outside of Tiffany’s at 5am. The city is silent and it’s just Holly and Tiffany’s keeping each other company until the city awakened.

Here is a step by step guide on how to create this scene using Winsor & Newton BrushMarker and ProMarker pens!

What you will need:

Winsor & Newton Bleed Proof Paper




Winsor & Newton ProMarker Pens: Black, Apricot, Denim Blue,

Winsor & Newton BrushMarker Pens: Praline, Pebble Blue, Saddle Brown

Step 1:

Begin by drawing lightly in pencil (unless you’d like the pencil lines to show).

Step 2:

Apply colour to all the brown and cream parts of the piece using the Saddle Brown & Praline BrushMarker pens (brush nib) and the Apricot ProMarker (fine bullet nib).

Step 3:

Use the Pebble Blue BrushMarker pen (broad nib) to colour in the Tiffany window and once dry, line the outlines using the fine bullet nib of the black ProMarker pen.

Top tip! Apply the black outlines a few moments after the colour has been applied so that the lines are sharp and don’t bleed.

Step 4:

Bring Audrey to life! Outline the details first using the fine bullet nib of the black ProMarker pen.

Step 5:

Colour in the rest of her dress with the broad chisel tip and step back to admire!

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