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A Christmas Project with Harrods

Last Autumn, I was approached by Harrods and was asked if I could create illustrations of glamorous ladies shopping at Harrods who had shopped far too much and needed the assistance of the Harrods green men!

After calming myself down (I nearly fainted from excitement), I replied that yes, of course, I would LOVE to!

The project actually came at the exact moment that I was due to go away to Prague, so initially, I was a little worried that I wouldn't make the deadline, so I decided to take my work with me!

Every illustration always starts in pencil, so I was drawing and rubbing out and re-drawing on the plane, in the hotel, and on the plane journey back, so by the time I arrived back in London, I was able to start illustrating the drawings and then I was able to scan them into Photoshop to make them ready for use.

Here are a few photos of the working drawings and of course, the final illustrations along with the finished products.

Thanks for reading!

Eleni xo

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