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Attollo Lingerie

I love my job for many reasons, one of those reasons is that I get to meet so many lovely people and during our professional relationship whilst working on the project, a friendship gets formed (and this is so nice especially as I no longer have colleagues).

This is what happened when Alice and Fleurette of Attollo Lingerie contacted me to create a ginormous amount of illustrations for their new company which was months from launching.

The project initially lasted over a period of a few months and now it's ongoing as their business has been expanding like crazy! We have had an incredible ride, working over the phone, email and over cake and tea and cocktails of course!

What I love about the brand in itself is that it was formed out of the actual need of the founders to create lingerie for women with large breasts and small band sizes which is what they have. They couldn't find gorgeous bras with the lift and fit that they wanted, so they went out into the world (during their second year of uni I might add!) and created Attollo which is now thriving with online sales, countless pop up shows and events and they now also ship worldwide!

The illustrations have been used across many platforms including the website, newsletters, emails, marketing POS, packaging, stationary and tissue paper!

I've included a selection below, but if you'd like to see the full collection, visit the 'Illustration' page on the Services drop down menu.


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