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The FEA Members Club Christmas Party!

Working for myself is definitely a dream come true. I get to do what I love and working doesn't actually feel like work. I get to decide my own schedule, meet amazing people, aim for my dreams, it literally couldn't get any better!

The one down side, however, is that I no longer have colleagues or a Christmas Party and that's the part that I miss the most.

I've been a part of the Female Entrepreneur Association for many years and it's been a huge benefit for me as the bundles and planners have helped me in my business as well as scheduling my time and planning. Then Carrie (the founder of FEA) started the Members Club and of course, I joined! Although I still don't have colleagues, I'm part of an amazing network of women who I can talk to at any time of the day and I can attend local meet ups and I finally have a Christmas party to go to!

Here are photos from the 2016 party!


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