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Illustrating Live for Harrods

Harrods is loved by many people the world over, so much so, that it is one of the first places that tourists visit when they step foot in the capital.

And I am no exception as I am head over heels with the place and always have been...but maybe more so with the actual building itself as it's so beautiful.

I've previously illustrated at Harrods before for Aspinal of London and Carat London, but this time, it was for a Mini Harrods event on the children's floor.

I had a brilliant day illustrating the children who were able to choose an outfit of their choice and then take their illustration home with them (along with a cute little gift given by Mini Harrods)

I'll be illustrating there again at another five events spread throughout the year (check @fallintolondon and @harrods for all information on the dates and times if you'd like to bring your child along. The slots get filled up quickly, so be sure to arrive early.)

Here are a few photos from the day.

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