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Live Illustration for Guerlain

During the month of August, I've been illustrating live for Guerlain celebrate the launch of their Mon Exclusif fragrance which is exclusively sold at Selfridges. The fragrance has a combination of vanilla, sandalwood and lavender and is placed inside a beautifully designed bow shape bottle.

There was lots of prep work involved beforehand with choosing the right paper stock and illustrating a few sample pieces which were to be placed around the specially design and built counter.

The event gave customers the opportunity to completely customise their bottle with engraving, a ceramic stamp, gilding and it's fair to say that they were thoroughly spoilt for choice!

Over the course of those two weeks, I felt excited that I'd be illustrating for a company like Guerlain, but it was also a very bittersweet time because my dad was ill during the entire two weeks and passed away near the end of the event. It's hard not to look back on this time with sadness, but I had the support of Saara and Melissa from Guerlain (who organised the event) and their kindness and flexibility really helped.

Here are a few photos from the event and thanks for reading my blog. ♥

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