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Live Illustration for Aspinal of London

At the start of summer, I was approached by Aspinal of London with the opportunity of becoming one of their illustrators to illustrate live in their stores across London and the UK.

One beautiful day this summer, I set off to meet Genia (who takes care of marketing at Aspinal) in a beautiful restaurant in Mayfair & on meeting her, I felt like I already knew her.

After illustrating a few sample pieces, I had to wait a few weeks to hear back from them & when I got the fantastic news that I was chosen, I was literally over the moon! At the time, I was on holiday in the forests of Poland and one of my favourite moments was calling my mum and dad to tell them the news. ♥

Since June, I have illustrated for Aspinal in their stores and concessions including Covent Garden, Gatwick Airport, Harrods, Westfield, Kings Cross, Guildford, Canary Wharf, Oxford Circus and Bluewater.

I have absolutely loved illustrating for Aspinal and meeting people in person as I usually work from home and so I don't usually get to meet all my clients, so seeing the reactions of people upon receiving their very own custom illustrations is an awesome feeling.

Eleni xx

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