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Projects, projects and more Projects


Since the new year, my head has literally stayed down illustrating non stop and I've loved it!

So I've been using these past few days to give the website some tlc as I've completely neglected it, not to mention neglecting this blog!

I've been working on varied projects, one being a luxury fashion retailer in Lagos. Once their website goes live, I'll be able to share more.

I've also designed logos for my lovely client in Australia, printed the Louboutin Obsession illustration in a gigantic size for Rebecca from Wales, started an illustration from start to finish in one evening (it usually takes 3 days) because my client from Miami was in a state of emergency and needed the illustration asap as a gift to her husband.

Another gift emergency happened for Stephanie who needed a few illustrations of her lovely daughter who had her first ever modelling shoot for a US magazine.

I think I've run out of breath, so I'll leave it here for now!

Thanks for reading this blog post!

Eleni xo

Pssssssst..... A Spring giveaway will be starting very soon, so keep your eyes open!

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