A website design project

Earlier this year I embarked upon an exciting and challenging project to design a website and blog! It was a daunting task for me as I'm not a website designer of any sort, I actually fell into it by mistake when I couldn't find a website designer to design my own website. So I decided to do it myself and so I taught myself the basics of web design and SEO.

The project also included creating many illustrations such:

- seasonal headers

- banners

- social media icon buttons

- illustrations for the pages and sub-pages used as buttons

- slideshow graphics

- an illustration of the client

- side bar illustrations to promote the newsletter and Blogs I Love page

So this was a pretty huge undertaking! I loved every moment of seeing the website come to life and I've learnt so much about design along with the technical aspects.

Sadly, the client has chosen to transfer the site onto another platform as she later realised that an important feature was not available on the platform that I used to create the site.

Below are a few of the illustrations which I created along with screen shots of the original site!

Eleni xo

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