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This Year so Far

So far, 2014 has been a wonderful year as I've met so many lovely clients who have become friends, I've had amazing projects come my way and have been on many great adventures which have inspired my work and ignited my imagination with fresh ideas.

This year has been quite a whirlwind as I've been able to get a whole lot of stuff done which have been in the works for some time. The first is that Little Petals Art School for children is all ready to go! Products are now available in store as my illustrations can now be purchased on iphone, ipad and laptop covers as well as on greeting cards, so I'm super excited about this!

I've worked on so many fun projects ranging from illustrating a brand character for a UK based footwear company, branding for a lovely American costume designer and branding Kenyan Boutique along with a handbag brand in the states and designing a website and blog for a fashion and lifestyle blogger. My largest project to date was last month when I was commissioned by Next to illustrate their new fall & winter collection as well as illustrate their guests at the new season event.

Along with all the highs, I have had a few lows where at times I've struggled to balance various projects at the same and have learnt how to continue working through projects despite low emotions, but these have been great learning curves and once experienced can be easily managed.

Here are a few photos of the projects I've worked on! To see more, visit the Projects and Love notes pages.

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