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This is a print from my original pencil drawing, Lasso The Moon from It's a Wonderful Life.

This is a custom listing for customising the name, Eg: James, Thomas etc.

The name is drawn in the same rope style of the original, scanned into Photoshop and retouched on to the drawing and then printed.



- Silk 300 GSM paper

- 210mm x 297mm

- Packaged in a hardback envelope



Orders are posted within five working days of the order being placed. 

- UK Orders: Royal Mail Special Delivery and arrives the next working working day

- European Orders: Royal Mail, Tracked & Signed and arrives in approx 3 - 5 working days

- Worldwide Orders: Royal Mail, Tracked & Signed and arrives in approx 6 - 7 working days



Returns are not accepted, however, if the order arrives in a damaged condition, a replacement order will be posted within five working days.



For personal use only.

If you'd like to use this illustration for any other purpose, please email your request and a license price list will be emailed to you.



Larger sizes are available on request, please email for timescale and pricing.



Illustrations can be licensed for many usages including business, marketing and commercial etc. Please email your request and a license price list will be emailed to you.



Wholesale orders are available on request by email.



The original version of this illustration is available for purchase on request by email.


Scene from the film:

- Buffalo Gal, Can't you come out tonight? And dance by the light of the moon.


- What'd you wish when you threw that rock?


- Oh, no.


- Come on, tell me.


- If I told you, it might not come true.


- What is it you want, Mary? What do you want? 

You, you want the moon?!

Just say the word and I'll throw a lasso around it and pull it down.


- Hey, that's a pretty good idea.


- I'll give you the moon, Mary.


- I'll take it. Then what?


- Well then, you could swallow it, and it'd all dissolve, see?


And the moon beams'd shoot out of your fingers and your toes


and the ends of your hair.


- Am I talking too much?


- Yes!


Custom (name) Lasso The Moon drawing

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